Public Member Functions
RandomSparseStream< Field, _Vector, RandIter, VectorCategories::DenseVectorTag > Class Template Reference

Specialization of RandomSparseStream for dense vectors. More...

#include <stream.h>

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Public Member Functions

Vector & get (Vector &v)
 Get the next vector from the factory and store it in v.
Self_toperator>> (Vector &v)
 Extraction operator form.
size_t size () const
 Get the number of vectors to be constructed in this stream.
size_t pos () const
 Get the number of vectors constructed so far.
size_t dim () const
 Get the dimension of each vector.
 operator bool () const
 Return true if and only if the vector stream still has more vectors to construct.
void reset ()
 Reset the vector stream to the beginning.
void rewind ()
 Alias for reset.
Legacy interface

These functions provide compatiblity with older parts of the library.

Their use is deprecated.

Vector & next (Vector &v)
size_t j () const
size_t m () const
size_t n () const

Detailed Description

template<class Field, class _Vector, class RandIter>
class LinBox::RandomSparseStream< Field, _Vector, RandIter, VectorCategories::DenseVectorTag >

Specialization of RandomSparseStream for dense vectors.

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