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ElementAbstract Class Referenceabstract

Abstract element base class, a technicality. More...

#include <abstract.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ElementAbstractclone (void) const =0
 Virtual copy constructor. More...
virtual ElementAbstractoperator= (const ElementAbstract &x)=0
 Assignment operator. More...
virtual ~ElementAbstract (void)

Protected Member Functions

 ElementAbstract (void)
 Default Constructor. More...

Detailed Description

Abstract element base class, a technicality.

The element class of FieldAbstract. This element has no knowledge of the field to which it belongs. All operations and functions requiring knolwedge of the field, such as addition and other arithmetic operations, are supplied by the field and not the element class.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ElementAbstract ( void  )

Default Constructor.

Required by derived classes, but protected because this class should never be constructed by itself.

Member Function Documentation

virtual ElementAbstract* clone ( void  ) const
pure virtual

Virtual copy constructor.

Required because constructors cannot be virtual. Passes construction on to derived classes. Purely virtual.

pointer to new ElementAbstract object in dynamic memory.

Implemented in ElementEnvelope< Field >, and ElementEnvelope< Ring >.

virtual ElementAbstract& operator= ( const ElementAbstract x)
pure virtual

Assignment operator.

Purely virtual.

xconstant reference to ElementAbstract object
reference to self

Implemented in ElementEnvelope< Field >, and ElementEnvelope< Ring >.

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