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BlackboxContainerSymmetrize< Field, _Blackbox, RandIter > Class Template Reference

Symmetrizing iterator (for rank computations). More...

#include <blackbox-container-symmetrize.h>

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Protected Member Functions

Element & init (const Vector1 &uu, const Vector2 &vv)
 Initializers. More...
Element & init (RandIter &g)
 Random Left vectors, Zero Right vector.
Element & init (const Vector &uu)
 User Left vectors, Zero Right vector.

Protected Attributes

const Field * _field

Detailed Description

template<class Field, class _Blackbox, class RandIter = typename Field::RandIter>
class LinBox::BlackboxContainerSymmetrize< Field, _Blackbox, RandIter >

Symmetrizing iterator (for rank computations).

Symmetrizing iterator (for rank computations) Same left and right vector A is supposed to have tranpose-vector product the sequence is

this->u^t this->u
(A this->u)^t (A this->u) = this->u^t (A^t A) this->u
(A^t (A this->u))^t (A^t (A this->u)) = this->u^t (A^t A)^2 this->u

Member Function Documentation

Element& init ( const Vector1 &  uu,
const Vector2 &  vv 


User Left and Right vectors

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