Namespace List
Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
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oNfield_subtestsTests of algebraic properties of rings and fields
\NLinBoxNamespace in which all linbox code resides
 oNProtectedThis is the namespace all LinBox internal code is in
 |\NmulMethodBLAS3 Multiplication methods
 oNMatrixHomLimited doc so far. Used in RationalSolver
 oNRingCategoriesSome basic information about each field or ring
 oNTagStructure for tags
 oNIndexedTagsLimited doc so far
 oNExceptionsException class for invalid matrix input
 oNSparseMatrixFormatSparse matrix format (memory storage)
 oNSparseFileFormatSparse matrix format (file storage)
 \NVectorWrapperLimited doc so far