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Matrices in LinBox. More...


 Dense Matrix
 These are dense matrix reprensentations.
 Matrix Domain
 Matrix domain operations.
 Permutation Matrix
 These are permutation matrix reprensentations.
 Sliced Matrix
 These are files related to a special bitsliced GF(3) representation.
 Sparse Matrix
 These are sparse matrix reprensentations.


file  abnormal-helpers.h
file  abnormal-matrix.h
file  matrix/archetype.h
file  permutation-matrix.h
file  plain-matrix.h
 Reference representation of a PlainMatrix (dense, memory allocating) class and PlainSubmatrix (dense, non-allocating) class.
file  matrix/random-matrix.h
 Implementation of random matrices.
file  random-matrix.inl
 Implementation of random matrices.
file  sliced3.h
file  sparse-matrix.h
 A SparseMatrix<_Field, _Storage> ....

Data Structures

class  BlasMatrix< Field, Rep >
 Dense matrix representation. More...
class  BlasSubmatrix< _Matrix >
 Dense Submatrix representation. More...
class  PlainSubmatrix< MatDom >
 to be used in reference matrix domain (PlainDomain). More...
class  DenseMat< _Element >
 to be used in standard matrix domain More...
class  SparseMatrix< _Field, SparseMatrixFormat::COO::implicit >
 Sparse matrix, Coordinate storage. More...
class  SparseMatrix< _Field, SparseMatrixFormat::COO >
 Sparse matrix, Coordinate storage. More...
class  SparseMatrix< _Field, SparseMatrixFormat::CSR >
 Sparse matrix, Coordinate storage. More...
class  SparseMatrix< _Field, SparseMatrixFormat::ELL >
 Sparse matrix, Coordinate storage. More...
class  SparseMatrix< _Field, SparseMatrixFormat::ELL_R >
 Sparse matrix, Coordinate storage. More...
class  SparseMatrixGeneric< _Field, _Row, Trait >
 Sparse matrix container This class acts as a generic row-wise container for sparse matrices. More...
class  SparseMatrix< _Field, SparseMatrixFormat::HYB >
 Sparse matrix, Coordinate storage. More...

Detailed Description

Matrices in LinBox.

All matrices are containers that present the blackbox interface. (

See Also
blackbox Interface. )

Matrices are templated by a Field and a Storage type.

Dense Matrices.
Dense matrices can be represented in the BLAS representation (row major, row and column dimension, stride). The container is BlasMatrix<Field,Rep> and the view is BlasSubmatrix.
vector of rows ?
See Also
Dense Matrix.
Sparse Matrices.
Sparse Matrices are reprenseted in various ways. They are SparseMatrix<Field,Rep>.
See Also
Sparse Matrix.
Permutation Matrix
See Also
permuation matrix
Matrix Domain.
The class MatrixDomain provides a complete suite of matrix arithmetic that works transparently with any class meeting the interface defined by the classes below. This includes matrix-matrix addition and multiplication, matrix-vector multiplication, and matrix-blackbox multiplication.
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Matrix Domain