Static Public Member Functions
RationalSolver< Ring, Field, RandomPrime, NumSymNormTraits > Class Template Reference

solver using a hybrid Numeric/Symbolic computation. More...

#include <rational-solver2.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static double cblas_dOOnorm (const double *M, int m, int n)
 Compute the OO-norm of a mtrix.
static double cblas_dmax (const int N, const double *a, const int inc)
 compute the maximam of absolute value of an array
static int cblas_hbound (integer &b, int m, int n, const double *M)
 compute the hadamard bound

Detailed Description

template<class Ring, class Field, class RandomPrime>
class LinBox::RationalSolver< Ring, Field, RandomPrime, NumSymNormTraits >

solver using a hybrid Numeric/Symbolic computation.

See the following reference for details on this implementation:

  • Zhendong Wan Exactly solve integer linear systems using numerical methods. Submitted to Journal of Symbolic Computation, 2004. .

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