Public Member Functions
Compose< _Blackbox, _Blackbox > Class Template Reference

specialization for _Blackbox1 = _Blackbox2 More...

#include <compose.h>

Inherits BlackboxInterface.

Public Member Functions

template<class BPVector >
 Compose (const BPVector &v)
 Constructor of C := A*B from blackbox matrices A and B. More...
template<class OutVector , class InVector >
OutVector & applyTranspose (OutVector &y, const InVector &x) const
 Application of BlackBox matrix transpose. More...

Detailed Description

template<class _Blackbox>
class LinBox::Compose< _Blackbox, _Blackbox >

specialization for _Blackbox1 = _Blackbox2

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Compose ( const BPVector &  v)

Constructor of C := A*B from blackbox matrices A and B.

Build the product A*B of any two black box matrices of compatible dimensions. Requires A.coldim() equals B.rowdim().

Member Function Documentation

OutVector& applyTranspose ( OutVector &  y,
const InVector &  x 
) const

Application of BlackBox matrix transpose.

y= transpose(A*B)*x. Requires one vector conforming to the LinBox vector archetype. Required by abstract base class.

reference to vector y containing output.
xconstant reference to vector to contain input

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