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benchmark-utils.h File Reference

utils More...

Data Structures

struct  TimeSelect
 selection of best times in a series. More...
struct  Printer
 selection of printers More...
class  showProgression
 Show progression on the terminal (helper) More...


 Namespace in which all linbox code resides.
 Structure for tags.


typedef uint32_t index_t
 index type for tables
typedef std::vector< double > dvector_t
 vector of double
typedef std::vector< dvector_t > dmatrix_t
 matrix of double


bool isDigit (const std::string &s)
 Check if a string is actually a double. More...
bool fortifiedString (const std::string &s)
 Tells is a string has double quotes around. More...
std::string unfortifyString (const std::string &s)
 removes the surrounding quotes. More...
std::string fortifyString (const std::string &s)
 adds surrounding quotes. More...
template<class T >
std::string toString (T &nam)
 Converts anything to a string. More...
bool findKeyword (index_t &i, const svector_t::const_iterator &begin, const svector_t::const_iterator &end, const std::string &keyword)
 finds keyword betwen begin and end, return true if found and i is the index where it is (possibly correspondig to end)
std::string getDateTime (const std::string &sep)
 get ISO time and date More...
smatrix_t getMachineInformation ()
 get some machine information (not cpu yet)
void showAdvanceLinear (index_t curr, index_t min, index_t max)
 show the advancement (on the terminal) suppose linear advancement More...
void showFinish (index_t curr, index_t all)
 tells the current series of measure has completed (on the terminal) More...
void showSkip (index_t curr, index_t all)
 tells the current series of measure was skipped (on the terminal) More...
double computeMFLOPS (const double &tim, const double mflo, const index_t rpt=1)
 computes the number of megaflops. More...
double computeMFLOPS (const dvector_t &tim, const double mflo, LINBOX_enum(Tag::TimeSelect) ts=Tag::TimeSelect::bestThree)
 computes the number of megaflops. More...

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